Wailea Ekahi Village is located at the entrance to the resort community of Wailea on the sunny, south shore of Maui, Hawaii. Surrounded by lushly landscaped terraces that slope gently toward the Pacific, Wailea Ekahi Village  overlooks beautiful Keawakapu Beach. The resort is situated on 38 acres of tropical terraced gardens with magnificent ocean views. 

Featuring Studios, One, and Two bedroom, fully furnished condos in low rise buildings that are couple and family friendly, Wailea Ekahi Village offers the best in Maui vacation rental oceanfront value . 

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World class shopping, galleries and restaurants are located minutes away in the Shops at Wailea. Championship golf, tennis and many world famous beaches are only minutes away!

Wailea Ekahi Village is the perfect Maui resort choice for familiies and friends to enjoy!

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